EFT • Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT tapping for happyness.

Simple and powerful, if you know how. Please follow the link to the introduction to EFT self tapping/autosuggesting therapy.

To proceed successfully, you must know the pressure points more less accurate. The ritual is quite simple: You speak the worries in first round simultaneous whilst tapping with two fingers on the spots. In the second round you overplay the same issues with a positive replacement. This will overplay your subconscious mind after a few times doing over again.

Sounds great?



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We do deliver Juices:





Every juice contains certain ingredients. Choose your favorite color.

You will love it. This is a physical source of energy to boost your body. And when the body works, your mind clears up. This is because less administration of your mind will be necessary to be in control of your body. Occupied admin will be set free. We use 100% brain power all the time – not only 20, as science discovered in the past. What is our brain? It’s the whole physical element, specially the brain in our heads but also in our intestine.

You gonna increase the ability to focus, to easier access of what you really  love to do. Stop waisting energy for digesting food that does not deliver power. Simply juice up! It will build up a base for practice successfully f.e. WIM HOF Methods or meditation and finding inner peace in general.

Our juices are fresh pressed with high power a slow juicer. Only this method is able to squeeze liposomal secondary plant substances, the highest form of nutrition. It’s comparable with completely chewing the veggies.

What can happen, if you are not very used to drink juices in a regular way, is a detoxifying effect. Means, you can suffer in different stages from this. This effect will disappear after regular consumption.